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About me

I'm a London-based Java software developer/engineer with 15 years' development and architectural experience building enterprise-scale web applications for large global organsiations.

I provide Java software development services for individuals and globally distributed agile teams, building or customising open-source software to deliver quality solutions efficiently.

The Spring-based projects that I specialise in are Spring Social, Spring MVC, Spring Data, Spring Data Rest, Spring Roo, Spring Webflow, Spring Security and Spring Security OAuth

Please get in touch via Linked-In , Stack-Overflow, or email me at (my first name) @ if you need help developing or integrating Spring projects into your codebase


1. What type of projects do you work on?

Some of our recent projecs have included:

- Building Java clients for a variety of SaaS API's using Spring Social

- Early adopting/beta-testing of Identity Provider service API for a blue-chip Cloud SaaS provider

- Designing OAuth API platforms

- Building Spring Data plugins for NoSQL databases such as Amazon DynamoDB

- Integration assistance and advice for agile teams

2. I'm not sure how much development time I'd need, it may only be a few hours of help.

- The size of projects I usually work on range from half-days to several sprints.

- If you are unsure of how much time you will require or whether I'll be able to help you, please drop me a line and I'll be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

3. Our codebase is proprietary and is not public or open-source - can you still help?

- Not a problem, I often work with a clients with a proprietary codebase and am adaptable in terms of your chosen way of working.

- It's often possible to modularise the project so that the bulk of the customisation and development work is done on private GitHub repositories outside of your codebase and merged later.

4. We require confidentiality and require third parties to sign NDAs?

- I'm happy to sign an NDA as required.